KH Gallery Ashiya is a museum-like gallery where visitors can indulge in the masterpieces of Hiroko Koshino in tranquility.
Natural light seeping into the powerful space designed by architect Tadao Ando illustrates the contrast between undressed concrete walls and paintings, shifting in pattern from moment to moment.
The lush nature cropped by the large windows serves as a source of inspiration for Koshino Hiroko’s artistic endeavors, rendering the artist to return to this place as her production studio every weekend.
Our gallery is open to the public on a reservation basis, except for Sundays when doors are open to drop-in visitors.

To make a reservation, submit the online application from linked to this page with all the necessary fields completed.

KH Gallery Ashiya Reservation Request
Friday, October 27 – Monday, November 27, 2017
Gallery closed on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays. *Gallery closed on Monday November 13
(No reservation necessary.)

KH Gallery Ashiya
17-5 Okuike-cho, Ashiya City, Hyogo, Japan
Take Hankyu Bus Route 80 or 81 from JR Ashiya Station, Hankyu Ashiyagawa Station, or Hanshin Electric Railway Ashiya Station and get off at the Okuike Bus Stop (20 to 25 minute ride).
The gallery will be on your right once you go up the stairway next to the bus stop (2 minute walk).
*No parking available.
*Gallery closed when Hankyu Bus is not in service.
TEL 0797-63-5678 (during gallery hours)

The KH Gallery Ashiya is holding the “Susumu Notomi x Hiroko Koshino - The Blue, a second encounter” exhibition. Koshino who was starring in the NHK General TV’s show, “Tsurube’s Salute to Families” (Tsurube no Kazoku ni Kanpai) met the pottery maker Notomi while visiting Hagi, Yamaguchi Prefecture 7 years ago. The distinctive “Blue” colors of his work left a profound impression. The two became friends and held the collaborative exhibition “Susumu Notomi x Hiroko Koshino - The Blue where everything began” for the first time in KH Gallery Ginza last year. Enjoy a “Second encounter” in the KH Gallery Ashiya with its peaceful and breathtaking atmosphere designed by Tadao Ando this autumn.

Notomi talks about Koshino’s works of art and the awareness towards Ando’s architecture at the Ashiya exhibition. He wants to express an unprecedented “blue” like being in space in the solemn atmosphere surrounded by undressed concrete walls. His new pottery works created from this enthusiastic spirit will be on display. Koshino will exhibit her works of art including new items and new picture plates. Among her works, you can enjoy a wide range of colors including “blue” as well as the light and shade of black along with the glimmering of silver. The picture plates were created in an ambitious collaboration with Notomi creating the “blue” plates and Koshino adding the pictures with vivid colors.

This exhibition features pottery, pictures and architecture. Relax and enjoy this atmosphere where the uniqueness of the artists intersects on a profound level.

Susumu Notomi 《Scattered Spot Pattern Pot》


Susumu Notomi 《Scattered Spot Pattern Pot》


Hiroko Koshino 《WORK #1506》

Sunday, September 24 – Sunday, October 22
11:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m.
Gallery will closed on Wednesdays, Monday October 2 and Tuesday October 3.

Reservation required. Please reserve by accessing the ASHIYA GALLERY page of our website and submitting the Admission Reservation Form with all the necessary fields completed.
Reservation is not required on Sundays.

KH Gallery Ginza will be extension of schedule for Hiroko Koshino The Portrait until October 22th (Sun).



Saturday, April 1 – Sunday, September 17
11:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m.
Gallery closed on Wednesdays
Summer Closing: Friday (national holiday), August 11 – Sunday, August 20

Reservation required. Please reserve by accessing the ASHIYA GALLERY page of our website and submitting the Admission Reservation Form with all the necessary fields completed.
Reservation is not required on Sundays.

For the year of 2017, KH Gallery Ashiya will present visitors with various comparisons in the context of Koshino’s creative works, under the theme of “Contrast.”. An artist always seeking for different ways of expression instead of remaining still at one place, Koshino has reflected her seemingly conflicting views and values to numerous masterpieces.
One time, she may depict a tranquil world of elegance and simplicity with sumi-ink. Another time, she may use vivid colors to evoke emotions. It is as though the biorhythms of life are embodied by the myriads of artworks that oscillate between Stillness and Motion.
The exhibition will also seek to illustrate the contrast between Fashion and Art for the first time in KH Gallery Ashiya. Through their encounter with art, news lives will be breathed into garments that have been incorporated into the installation.
The beauty of artworks enclosed in a planar dimension and the beauty of lightweight and elegant garments, both embraced within the beauty of the solemn architecture designed by Tadao Ando. This year, we invite you to enhance the dynamic transition from the landscape of spring to summer with the beautiful contrasts brought about by the clash and synthesis of these outstandingly unique elements of beauty.