KH Gallery Ashiya

KH Gallery Ashiya is a galleria telling the stories about Koshino Hiroko, the representative fashion designer in Japan. Koshino has various exhibitions and events centered on paintings that have been created in parallel with her fashion design, which also include fusions of art and fashion, along with collaborations with artists from other fields.

This construction was designed by the discernible architect Tadao Ando and completed in 1981 as Koshino's residence. Three years later, a new block with an arc wall was added, and in 2006, the south wing was remodeled. Koshino lived there for about 30 years, with continuous expansions and renovations to fit her lifestyle. The reason behind the selection of the location is, in fact, for sharpening sensation in an environment embraced by nature and the close feeling of the four seasons for her creative activities.

Aiming to share the experience and excitement with even more people, Koshino opened the complex for the public in April 2013. Ashiya is an area where many cultural and artistic activities thrive- it is a place of modernism for the local Hanshin community. Through her activities, Koshino will continue to promote cross-genre exchanges and contribute to the future development of cultures and arts.


Koshino studied under Masao Hara, the master of fashion drawing. She opened an haute couture atelier in Shinsaibashi, Osaka in 1964 and has participated in Tokyo Collection every year from 1977 to the present. In 1978, she was the first Japanese artist to have works shown in the Alta Moda in Rome. For 10 years starting in 1982 and for two years starting in 2009, she participated in the Prête-à-Porter collection in Paris. In recent years, she has taken the opportunity to present her works as an artist in Japan and abroad, and opened KH Gallery Ashiya in 2013.