KH Gallery Ginza

Susumu Notomi × Hiroko Koshino
– The Blue, where everything began.

KH Gallery Ginza presents a new exhibition, “Susumu Notomi × Hiroko Koshino – The Blue, where everything began.” Notomi and Koshino crossed paths six years ago, when Koshino was exploring the city of Hagi in Yamaguchi Prefecture as a guest of NHK General TV’s show, “Tsurube’s Salute to Families.” At this land known for its tradition of ceramics, Koshino met devoted ceramic artist Notomi, whose works capture the various shades of the color, Blue. From a deep indigo-like blue to a faint blue reminiscent of whitecap waves, the variation in the composition of earth and glaze brings about a rich range of shades. Koshino was mesmerized by the beauty of Notomi’s blue. To Koshino, blue has always been a special color. The blue used in abstract paintings gave out a sense of deep spirituality, while blue also reminds one of the ocean, sky and universe: bodies transcending the existence of human beings.

For this exhibition, the years of exchange between Koshino and Notomi take solid form for the first time since their encounter, which all began with the color, Blue. Notomi recalls his production period as, “the first experience ever, where I felt like something other than my mind was eagerly moving my body to produce creations.” Notomi will release ceramic works that, according to the artist himself, have a different touch from his typical works. On the other hand, Koshino will showcase her signature abstract paintings created under the theme of Blue. Her acrylic paintings trigger the image of the translucence of glazing and the fine texture of ceramics. Surrounded by an array of works oriented against a white space, one is sure to find oneself immersed in a calm moment of beauty. The Gallery invites you to witness the dialogue of “blue” between the two artists, underlined with the memories of the starting point where everything began.

Friday, September 30, – Sunday, Octorber 23, 2016

Open every day throughout the exhibition period.

  • Susumu Notomi
    Wide Flower Vase with White Glaze (hiding blue)