KH Gallery Ginza
The Year’s First Kimono – Koshino Hiroko Kimono Exhibition-

The KH Galleries will hold the exhibition, “The Year’s First Kimono – Koshino Hiroko Kimono Exhibition -” at the two venues of Ginza and Ashiya.

At the Ginza gallery, enchanting kimonos will be displayed with the key feature consisting of a gorgeous, three-layer formal Uchikake kimono flowing dynamically in the air. In contrast, drawings and calligraphy works created at various periods of time will line the gallery walls, inviting the audience to a brilliant world where fascinating colors overlap with vibrant words and shapes.

The KH Galleries invite you to immerse yourself in a setting capturing the Beauty of Japan to start off the New Year, where a rise in the momentum to redefine and present “Japan” to the world will be seen.

KH Gallery Ginza

Themed Exhibition

Kimono: the Beginning of New Year -Koshino Hiroko Kimono Exhibition-

Monday, January 23 – Sunday, March 5, 2016

10:30 am – 7:00 pm

Gallery closed on the Sundays of January 29, February 12, and February 26.