【Notice of reservation and next exhibition / KH gallery Ashiya】

Reservation starts on Monday, June 22.
Sunday admission is also by reservation only at the moment.

Reminders for visitors
・Please refrain from visiting if you have a temperature.
・ Please wear a mask at all times and cooperate to prevent the spread of infections by cough etiquette, washing your hands, gargling, and refraining from talking if at all possible. Thank you very much in advance.
(*) For those who plan to take the Hankyu bus, please confirm the schedule and reserve for the limited quantity.
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KH gallery Ashiya
Koshino Hiroko – The Melody with Artistic Colors

Thursday, July 2 – Sunday, August 2
Closed: Wednesdays / Other event days
Closed when Hankyu Bus does not operate
Open upon reservation: Please fill the “Admission Reservation Form” on the website’s ASHIYA GALLERY page.

“Koshino Hiroko – The Melody with Artistic Colors” is now at KH gallery Ashiya. It is a cross-aspect, collaborative expansion of Koshino’s artworks with various colors, motif, shapes as new definitions of freedom. The artworks and fashions also express the huge inspiration by classical music in recent years. The colorful collaboration of paintings themed with music and musical instruments in exhibition is, in fact, the conceptual source for the designs in the Spring Summer Tokyo collection in 2002.