KH Gallery Ginza New Exhibition
Kazumi Kurigami×Hiroko Koshino

Saturday, May 21, – Sunday, June 12, 2016

Open every day throughout the exhibition period.

KH Gallery Ginza presents the Kazumi Kurigami x Hiroko Koshino collaboration exhibit.

The all his new pieces displayed in this exhibition apply solarization, a technique that inverts photos’ color scales and gives one a glimpse of an alternate, surreal world. For this exhibition, Koshino experiments with her new technique of inversing the tone of black oil strokes drawn on a blank canvas while allowing intentional moments of imbalance.

Kurigami’s photos and Koshino’s paintings will be housed inside a large room with high ceilings and no extra decorations to allow viewers to sharpen their senses and explore the true nature of the two-dimensional stoically designed pieces. Let the pieces capturing the gaze of the two artists take over your senses as your imagination wisps you away to a world spreading endlessly with beauty.

  • Kazumi Kurigami ”Love Story Beginning From Solitude” Series ?Man, Woman, and TV-
    Photograph: solarization, inkjet print
    144 × 180 cm 

  • Hiroko Koshino 《Work #1578》Oil / canvas 120 × 120 cm