KH Gallery Ginza 3rd Exhibition
Ink and Earth
– The Echo of Blank Spaces –

The KH Gallery on Ginza Namiki-dori Avenue features a collection of artworks from the artist Hiroko Koshino, using each season as a different angle to showcase the pieces.

In this 3rd exhibition, the gallery is taking a new approach of presenting a Japanese-style collaboration based on ink and earth, incorporating the works of the bizenyaki ceramist, Atsushi Ota.

The echo of blank spaces can be felt in the dynamism of the immensely powerful brush strokes that are the signature of Hiroko Koshino’s ink artwork. Juxtaposed with this are the impressive and adventurous curved lines of Atsushi Ota’s ceramic art, which evokes a sense of soft-shaped spaces. And in the gallery space where these works are exhibited as if in resonance with each other, another blank space unfolds, created from the Japanese traditional natural materials used. The KH Gallery invites you to immerse yourself in the echo of these blank spaces on display in this exhibition.