KH Gallery Ginza New Year Exhibition
Hiroko Koshino
GOLD & SILVER -The New Light-

KH Gallery Ginza celebrates the start of 2016 with the special exhibition, Hiroko Koshino GOLD & SILVER “The New Light”.

Brilliant colors that embody radiance itself. Associated with fortune since long ago, gold and silver are timeless and majestic colors that have captivated the hearts of people for ages.

Koshino, too, fell in love with the beauty of gold and silver. Upholding the nobility of these two colors, which also possess special importance in traditional Japanese art, Koshino blends classic elements with a modern sense ad libitum to explore new aesthetic styles.

The meticulously created artwork, made with eyes fixed on the glow of gold and silver as if following each fine flicker of light, has a divine sense of character that expand beyond materiality.

The exhibition, surrounding the theme of gold and silver, features pieces that will appear in KH Gallery Ginza for the first time ever. Works range from story-telling pieces depicting the motif of “Utopia” to a mix of gold and other motifs to weave out modern series like Sumi Ink & Gold and Flower & Gold. Many works in the exhibit have familiar names that allow viewers to feel the powerful devotion that Koshino has put into each creation.

Koshino’s tireless passion for beauty clears the shrouding dark clouds with the exhilarating brightness of gold and silver, as if celebrating the start of 2016. Koshino invites you to the luminous world that radiates with the light of gold and silver as it carries a wish of a successful and happy year for all.