KH Gallery Ginza
Kuniyoshi Kaneko Retrospective Exhibition The Style – Neko and Hiroko –

KH Gallery Ginza will be hosting a first anniversary retrospective of artist Kuniyoshi Kaneko, entitled “Kuniyoshi Kaneko x Hiroko Koshino: The Style Found Between -Neko and Hiroko-”. Kaneko’s unique style of portraiture depicted life by walking the fine lines between male and female, light and dark, holy and evil, beautiful and grotesque, and so on. Painted just prior to his death, the pieces displayed in this exhibition surround the everyday theme of “people” as seen through Kaneko’s unwavering and seemingly prescient perspective. For Koshino, this exhibit marks her first displaying of fashion sketches in the KH Gallery. Fashion sketches serve as the base of fashion design, and one might say that such art is the most familiar for Koshino. Like a vivid blueprint drawn in pen and charcoal that foretells of fashion yet to come and the people who will wear it in the future, the exhibition features artwork displayed in Kaneko’s first solo 1967 exhibition, which now remains in Koshino’s possession. The exhibition will also display oil paintings and other artwork from various periods in Kaneko’s life, alongside the furniture and easel he used to create countless works of art with his keen eye for beauty. Displayed beside these works are Koshino’s colorful fashion sketches, mingling and blending in to Kaneko’s room as if they were one of his collections. Knowing each other for over 50 years, Kaneko and Koshino examined “people” from their own unique points of view. Their timeless styles finally converge with this exhibition.

Please enjoy a look into the new story woven by the creativity of these two rare expressers, who referred to each other as “Neko” and “Hiroko”.