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Hiroko Koshino −SQUARES−

Monday, October 12 – Friday, December 25
Closed: Wednesdays / Other event days Closed when Hankyu Bus does not operate

Open upon reservation: Please fill the "Admission Reservation Form" on the website's ASHIYA GALLERY page.

Sunday admission is also by reservation only at the moment.

The square framework is getting popular in recent years because of Instagram. Yet, Koshinohas been using a square canvas for over 10 years since she officially started painting. And, a highlight of this exhibition is her square paintings.The series of 120cm square paintings are simply Koshino’s representative expressions of her abstract concepts. She goes with the flow of her tools and create from coincidences, sometimes you may discover reversed frameworks-the magnificent scale that breakthrough the limitations of the sky and the earth is the most discernible feature indeed.Expanding in the70cm square-shaped abstract paintings is the peaceful world of collage and detailed drawings.The interpretation of this series changes drastically depending on the pattern-grid, side by side, and randomized arrangements.As in the concrete paintings, some hilarious figures are moving around are they are placed inside some square screens with various backgrounds, and the dynamic is unprecedented and impressive.The square paintings are boundaryless-the four sides just create possibilities in interpretations, and it’s amazing to look into them careful and define which is up and which is down. The flexibility to alter the exhibition layout is fascinating. It would be great if you could enjoy Koshino’s discernible aesthetic sense and explore her painting world.