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Hiroko Koshino -The Harmony-

Monday, August 19 - Monday (holiday), November 4, 2019 Closed: Wednesdays / Tuesday, October 15 / Monday, October 21 - Friday, October 25 / Other event days Closed in case Hankyu Bus does not operate Open upon reservation: Please make a reservation by filling the Admission Reservation Form on “ASHIYA GALLERY” page of our website. Reservation is not required for Sundays. *Reservation is not required during the Ashiya Art Festival (from Saturday, November 2 to Monday, November 4).

KH Gallery Ashiya will hold an exhibition entitled “Hiroko Koshino-The Harmony-”. Koshino aims to create a world where all senses, including sight and hearing, harmonize with the environment. Having incorporated an improvisation-like live piano performance in her 2019 AW fashion show, she is putting more and more importance on music. This exhibition presents her ever-expanding artistic expressions, in particular paintings that are inspired by music or have a musical feel to them. The painting she drew while listening to Chopin, a master of classical music, features lines that freely run through and offers rich imagination. Also, in the world of Japanese traditional music, Koshino is a master Nagauta Shamisen player belonging to Kinekatsukai. In the national competition of Nagauta Kinekatsukai, held in Kabukiza Theatre in April this year, she drew the stage background for the performance of Shokyokushu. Its original ink painting will be displayed in this exhibition for the first time.

The harmony created by encounters of different senses-Japan and West, music and painting, beauty of architecture… Please listen carefully to the music that comes to your heart when you see Koshino’s paintings in Ashiya surrounded by nature.

Hiroko Koshino《 WORK #1782 》

Hiroko Koshino 《 WORK #2017》