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KH Gallery Ashiya
Themed Exhibition Kimono: the Beginning of New Year -Koshino Hiroko Kimono Exhibition-

Friday, February 17 - Monday, March 27, 2017 11:00 am - 4:00 pm Gallery closed on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays. No reservation necessary. KH Gallery Ashiya 17-5 Okuike-cho, Ashiya City, Hyogo, Japan Take Hankyu Bus Route 80 or 81 from JR Ashiya Station (either Bus Stop 6 or the South Gate Bus Stop), Hankyu Ashiyagawa Station (Bus Stop 6), or Hanshin Electric Railway Ashiya Station (Bus Stop 4) and get off at the Okuike Bus Stop (20 to 25 minute ride). The gallery will be on your right once you go up the stairway next to the bus stop (2 minute walk). *No parking available. *Gallery closed when Hankyu Bus is not in service.

The KH Galleries will hold the exhibition, “The Year’s First Kimono – Koshino Hiroko Kimono Exhibition -” at the two venues of Ginza and Ashiya. With her grandfather running a kimono fabric store, Koshino had been exposed to kimono and traditional performing arts since childhood. Through this deep connection, Koshino has occasionally drawn on such elements as sources of inspiration. From time to time, Koshino would pick up a brush and produce a kimono adorning her own drawing. This practice of wearing one’s own drawing, which she has continued for more than 10 years, symbolizes the ultimate fusion of art and fashion. The pines, bamboos, cherry blossoms, and other traditional motifs depicted in light brush strokes give the kimonos significance as not only attires, but also powerful pieces of drawings. This exhibition will be presented in a creative, stylish space where such treasured kimonos are showcased with calligraphy works and drawings.

At the Ashiya gallery, kimonos will be arranged inside the gallery’s unique Japanese-style room and on the curving wall surface, amidst the soft rays of light penetrating through the setting landscaped by architecture Tadao Ando. The exhibition will also display a collection focusing on Koshino’s newest oil paintings, orchestrating a sharp contrast between the “Beauty of Japanese Culture.”

As we move ahead into the new era, Koshino uses kimono as a medium that transcends time to present her vision of Japanese culture and lifestyle. The KH Galleries invite you to immerse yourself in a setting capturing the Beauty of Japan to start off the New Year, where a rise in the momentum to redefine and present “Japan” to the world will be seen.