KH Gallery Ashiya to be open to the public (2014)

KH Gallery Ashiya features an art museum atmosphere for visitors to enjoy the art works of Hiroko Koshino in a relaxed manner.

The powerful design by renowned architect, Tadao Ando, reveals versatile atmosphere, where natural light illustrates contrast between the undressed concrete and the artwork, transforming throughout the day.

Also, an abundant nature from the large windows is the source of creation for Hiroko Koshino, who is sure to come back every weekend.

Since this gallery resides by the quiet residential neighborhood within a national park, we have would like your visitation by requesting a reservation from this form. It will be our pleasure to welcome you to the gallery.

Admission Information

Open period: Sunday, April 20, 2014, through Sunday, November 30, 2014

(Closed from August 13 to 20 due to summer holiday.)

Holidays: Every Wednesday

Time: 11:00 to 16:00 (final admission should be by 15:30)

Admission fee: Free of charge

For reservation: Please fill in the necessary items and submit the below application form.



HIROKO KOSHINO’s private exhibition will be held in Paris. Exhibition venue, Galerie Nicolas Deman, is one of the long established gallery close to -cole des Beaux-Arts.

From the last 2012 exhibition, this exhibition will be the second time around in Paris. Some 11 artworks will be displayed, including some masterpieces that gained reputable reviews at KH Gallery in Ginza and Ashiya, along with most recent works implementing new techniques.

We are pleased to present this exciting exhibition in Paris.

The report of the opening reception will follow at this website soon.

Paris Exhibition

Date: April 2, 2014 – April 19, 2014

Opening Reception: April 3, 2014

Place: Galerie Nicolas Deman

Time:  11:00 – 13:00 、14:00 – 19:00



For More Information and Contact

KH Gallery Ginza

TEL: 03-5159-6877

FAX: 03-5159-6878


  • WORK #1078, 2013, 220×388cm

  • WORK #1188, 2014, 120×120cm


“Aki Kuroda ‘Space Garden = Cosmogarden’ + Hiroko Koshino” appeared in The Sankei Shinbun.

The Sankei Shinbun (p.17, Thursday, December 12, 2013) features the current exhibition “Aki Kuroda ‘Space Garden = Cosmogarden’ + Hiroko Koshino”.


Solo exhibition at Hanshin Department Store Umeda

Wednesday, October 16 – Tuesday, October 22, 2013

10:00 am – 20:00 pm (Close at 17:00pm on the last day.)

Art Gallery, 9th floor, Hanshin Department Store Umeda Main Building


  • WORK #915, 2012, 70×70cm

  • WORK #932, 2012, 1170×910cm


1周年記念 コシノヒロコ トークショーのご案内

Sorry, this entry is only available in Japanese.


Hiroko Koshino’s new home extension and paintings appeared in Modern Living magazine

The September issue of Modern Living magazine (Hearst Fujingaho Co., Ltd.) features Hiroko Koshino’s new home extension in Rokko, Hyogo, where she displays her new collection of paintings. The article shows her lifestyle in Rokko where nature, art and sophisticated design coexist.


Announcement of Opening of KH Gallery ASHIYA

We would like to announce that the house of Hiroko Koshino in Okuike-cho, Ashiya-shi is turned

into a gallery to be opened to the public.

The residence of Koshino has designed by Tadao Ando and remodeled and expanded since 1981.

This building turns over new space just like a museum, so people can be relaxed and spend time

enjoying the art works of Hiroko Koshino.

The strong contrast between the bare concrete wall and the paintings by Koshino changes with

time by natural light. People’ s eyes will be fixed upon it.

The abundant nature from the large windows is the source of creations of Hiroko Koshino who is

sure to come back here every weekend to make arts heartily.

Because the gallery is in the quiet neighborhood in a national park, entrance is by advance

reservation for the present out of consideration to surrounding environment.

It will be our pleasure to welcome many visitors to this new gallery.

■■Tour of KH Gallery ASHIYA■■

Location ■ 17-5 Okuike-cho, Ashiya-shi, Hyogo

Open period ■ May to November

Time ■ Thursday to Monday (Close on Tuesday and Wednesday) 11:00 to 16:00

(*The gallery is closed from August 10 to 18, 2013 due to summer holiday.)

Admission ■ Charge-free

Access ■ Approximately 20 minutes by bus or taxi from JR Ashiya station or Hankyu Ashiyagawa station

■■How to Apply and Notes■■

KH Gallery is by advance reservation to be opened to the public.

E-mail or fax the followings (Please apply 2 weeks before your preferred date):

(1) Names and number of visitors

(2) Contact detail

(3) Preferred date and time (Please chose from 11am, 13pm, 15pm)

(4) Please tell us where you heard about the KH Gallery ASHIYA.  Fax:03-5159-6878


*Your personal information is used only for the purpose of reservation.

*For the details of transportation guide and notes, see the email confirmation of your application.

* Parking is limited. Visitors are encouraged to use public transportation.

* Photographing inside the gallery: Please ask the gallery staffs for a permit.

  • FOTO Takahiro Gunshi


KH Gallery appeared in “Mrs” magazine

The November issue of “Mrs” magazine (Bunka Publishing) features Hiroko Koshino’s newly opened flagship store and KH gallery, which opened this September in Ginza, Tokyo. The article is entitled “Hiroko Koshino: Fashion and Art – The New Challenge ” and features photographs of the gallery together with Hiroko’s thoughts. In the article Hiroko talks with great enthusiasm about her new challenging activity as an artist and the fusion of fashion and art.

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